The Pogo30

Here is a summary of the characteristics of Pogo30:

  • A truly versatile yacht to sail very fast in off-shore, in coastal (lifting keel), with reduced crew or family.
  • Length of 30′(9.14) and width of 3.70m. The Pogo30 is therefore more powerful than Pogo8.50 through its greatest width, the hard chines, the hull and forward volume.
  • The starting point for planning is one of the main areas of work.
  • A powerful hull, as the latest generations, or the Pogo40S² and Pogo50, offering amazing performance in light winds.
  • Light weight and full set sail. With a sandwich hull for greater stiffness limiting apparent structures.
  • Choice of a keel bulb inspired Pogo40S ² or deep swing-keel (to slip into anchorages).
  • A boat with comfortable facilities offering a sober volume uncommon for a yacht of 30 ‘(9.14 m).
  • A bright interior with a vision outward when standing or sitting in the saloon and also forward.
  • A versatile cockpit compatible with the requirements for family and small crew manoeuvres.

Our target is to provide an entry level boat in the family Pogo.

Technical specifications

  • Length: 9.14m
  • Max beam: 3.70m
  • Lifting keel: 2.50m / 1.05m
  • Fixed keel: 1.90m
  • Light measurement trim: 2,8T
  • Buoyancy distributed throughout the boat


  • Roched mainsail: 34 sq m
  • Classic mainsail: 26,50 sq m
  • Genoa: 26 sq m
  • Spinnaker: 92 sq m
  • Category: A

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Development department

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