Structures was founded in 1987 in Quimper, and moved to Combrit Sainte-Marine in 1990 and expanded. At the time we built one-off prototypes.

In 1995, Structures launched its first production boat: the Pogo 6.50. Results followed. In 1999, Christian Bouroullec, the founder, won the Transat 6.50 in the series class.

That same year saw the launch of the Pogo 8.50, a boat designed for family cruising as well as surfing the Alantic swell. Victory in the Transquadra Solo in the hands of Michel Mirabel. In 2000, the Pogo 8.50 was voted “Sailboat of the Year”.

In 2003, the Pogo 2 replaced the Pogo 6.50. Victory for Erwan Tymen in the Transat 6.50. Christian Bouroullec placed 5th in the Transquadra on a Pogo 8.50.

New designs, new success: the Pogo 40 took 1st place in Class 40 in the 2006 Route du Rhum. The Pogo 10.50 was voted “Sailboat of the year 2009″.

Two new boats for 2010: the Pogo 40S2 for offshore racing and the Pogo 12.50, a modern cruising boat.

In 2011, it is the presentation of the first Pogo50, elegant and easy to maneuver sailboat, designed to sail fast and far with a reduced crew or family.

In 2012, Pogo12.50 is voted best “European yacht of the year” by a jury 14 European magazines  in the category “performance cruiser”.

2013 sees the launch of Pogo30 which renews the successfully, initiated by the Pogo8.50 concept 15 years ago. Meanwhile, the Structures shipyard expresses its expertise in offshore racing through its 3rd generation Class40: always faster and powerful.

Finally, in spring 2014, PogoStructures present the Pogo3, successor of the Pogo2, Transat6.50 winner since 2003. An innovative design through drawings of the architect Guillaume Verdier.

There are currently 50 of us, specialising in all areas of boat building. Our modern purpose-built facility covers nearly 5000 m2.