Structures builds fast sailing boats for short-handed offshore sailing.

The team at Structures is comprised of people who are passionate about boats, both racers and cruisers, who have dedicated themselves over the past 15 years to the development and build of these pure modern and enjoyable sailing boats, accessible to all.

Technology and offshore racing experience and expertise applied to cruising boats

The design and development of our boats are “lead” by racing:

  • the search for performance under sail over a very wide wind range,
  • ease of use,
  • technical and material reliability,
  • safety,
  • feel on the helm,
  • stability under autopilot,
  • balance under sail.

As good professionals, we define your boat with you, we build it for you at the right price, and we sea trial it with you before handing it over. We do not sub-contract any part of the build, all areas of expertise being covered on site.

Pogos have won a significant number of offshore races including the Mini-Transat, the Transquadra, the Québec Saint-Malo, the Route du Rhum… We are proud of this, as we are of the hundreds of pogos cruising trouble-free all over the world for the sole pleasure of their owners and their families and friends.