High speeds and long distances

The Pogo 12.50 is definitely not a cruiser like all the rest. Her hull, designed by Finot-Conq Architects is the same as the Pogo 40S² – a frequent sight on the podium of the Class 40. Powerful, stiff, accentuated  by the chine, she will attain speeds that you have yet to experience. In only 3 to 4 knots of breeze, even long distances will seem much shorter…

Comfort at sea as ell as at rest

Even though the hull of the Pogo 12.50 is race oriented, she remains a cruiser giving total comfort, simplicity and style like Pogo have done since the beginning.

Layouts : 7 differents versions. From the standard (2 cabins & 1 head) to the 3 cabins & 2 heads version.

Upwind sail surface 107 Sqm
Roached main sail 63 Sqm
Jib 44 Sqm
Trinquette on removable stay 20 Sqm
Asymmetric spinnaker 141.5 Sqm
Gennaker 95 Sqm
Hull length 12.18 m
Max beam 4.50 m
Draft 3.00/1.20 m
Fixed keel 2.20 m
Air draft 18.50 mètres
Displacement 5 500 Kg
Materials Glass – Polyester – PVC foam
Architect FINOT-CONQ